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Differences between the Mercedes CLA Sedan & Coupe vs. Mercedes A-Class Hatch

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What exactly are the differences from the Mercedes CLA-Class Sedan and Coupe vs. Mercedes A-Class Hatch. Both have the same design, front ends & side profiles are nearly identical. Unfortunately the U.S. is not getting the A-Class hatch, seems to be a Europe only vehicle.
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The CLA is a 4 door sedan. There are no coupe of hatchback versions, at least not yet. The A-Class is basically the hatchback version of the CLA, but is only available in Europe like you said. The CLA is for North American release. I don't believe Europe will get it.
Here are some images. To me, they look alike except for one being hatch, and the other a sedan. The interior of the CLA and A Class look practically the same.

A Class

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If the CLA becomes succesful I wouldn't be surprised if the A class comes to America.
the interior of the A class and CLA look completely identical. I wonder what the real difference might be? Is the length of both vehicles the same?
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