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Tonight I am picking up a CLA 250 with these options:
Polar Silver
Heated Front Seats
Becker MAP PILOT pre-wiring
Bi-Xenon Headlamps w/LED Tail Lamps

Total including destination & delivery is $33775.
With $3600 down, lease payment is $349 including sales tax of 7%, 10,000 miles per year.
If I go to 12,000 miles (which I will do as its only $10 more) then the payment is $359 including tax.

This is all as per the National Lease deal, so I am happy with these numbers(unless someone thinks this is not a good deal).

My question however is about the breakup of the down payment of $3600:
$359- 1st month Payment
$996.70 – Sales Tax
$329.50- Registration Fee
$795 – Bank Fees
$285- Documentation Fee
$7.50 – Tire Tax
$827.30 – Down Payment

Does this look OK? The down payment seems low, is that used for the cap cost reduction and if so the national lease deal says it should be $2499...

thanks in advance
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