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Traction is physics; 60%+ weight up front kills inertia when you turn on slippery surfaces with FWDriven wheels. I do not like the inability of FWD to power out of understeer in snowy conditions. While I have never attempted winter driving in the last of the nose heavy RWD cars, like a Mustang, I do know that having prepared a Fox body Fairmont for AutoX, they are inclined to understeer with really benign rear ends (unless you dig deep for a power slide) at least compared to a semi trailing arm IRS... For the record I have never gotten stuck in 50/50 BMW's with snow tires.

While one could debate winter driving characteristics, I am old school having grown up with RWD in snow, but also getting indoctrinated to the benefits of FWD in snow via 1800 lbs '80 Fiesta. As an aggressive driver however, I like the flexibility RWD allows for getting power to the ground.
I agree that RWD with an experience driver is fine in the winter.

But how many drivers are as experienced as you on the road?

Are CLA buyers going to all be great winter condition drivers?

A bad driver in a RWD in the snow = not good.

I have seen too many BMWs and Mercedes cars spin out of control in the winter. We don't need more old ladys and old men buying BMWs to winter drive them. Either buy FWD or AWD if you suck at driving.

But if you have the skills and sense to drive a RWD in the winter there is nothing wrong with that.

Good thing we have the option for a 4Matic. :p
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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