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Eco system in tropical countries

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Is a standard feature on all Cla's but in tropical countries is not useful as cold countries since when the car stops it shut down the a/c compressor the best thing about this eco system is how fast the engine and a/c responds after you push the gas pedal.

Verdict For save gas and take advantage in a tropical country the cabin have to be cold after using the a/c for a while or you have to wait for the winter to come.
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same here.
i've always had "regular" tints, nothing special, they were always in the lighter range which have made a different to me. I'll have to try these ceramic tints.
Does anyone have anymore info on them?
There is a huge debate about metallic vs ceramic tints.

some say that the metallics are no good since they black signals from bluetooth and cell phone signals depending on the brand and percentage of tints.

While ceramic is a good relfector of heat and insulator but it doesn't interfere with anything of the signals but this being siad ceramic is also more expensive.
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