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Eco system in tropical countries

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Is a standard feature on all Cla's but in tropical countries is not useful as cold countries since when the car stops it shut down the a/c compressor the best thing about this eco system is how fast the engine and a/c responds after you push the gas pedal.

Verdict For save gas and take advantage in a tropical country the cabin have to be cold after using the a/c for a while or you have to wait for the winter to come.
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Tints can help cool things down in the cabin when it comes to uv rays coming throught the windows amginified heat and attracted to black objects. The dash will still be hot unless you tint the windshield.
Interesting I never had any experience with ceramic tints, might have to look in to that.

Thank god for tints though, it makes such a big difference.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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