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Eco system in tropical countries

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Is a standard feature on all Cla's but in tropical countries is not useful as cold countries since when the car stops it shut down the a/c compressor the best thing about this eco system is how fast the engine and a/c responds after you push the gas pedal.

Verdict For save gas and take advantage in a tropical country the cabin have to be cold after using the a/c for a while or you have to wait for the winter to come.
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this is why i prefer cars that are well insulated that can seal out sound and even air better than other cars.
good examples are civic's, shut off the A/C and within minutes the cabin gets HOT on summer days. do this in a Mercedes, Lexus, BMW....and it wont be like that
it's not just that. another reason why the interior heats up when you turn off the AC is because the black colored dash, black colored seats, the entire interior is constantly emitting heat from the suns rays absorbing into them. once the AC turns off you just bake.

It's like this for even expensive cars.
Agreed. They even have 80% ceramic tints for the front now that do wonders to keeping the interior cool when driving.
same here.
i've always had "regular" tints, nothing special, they were always in the lighter range which have made a different to me. I'll have to try these ceramic tints.
Does anyone have anymore info on them?
just google ceramic tints

there are two kind of old school tints

dyed tints and metallic tints

dyed tints uses dye to color the film. Problem with this is it can hurt vision as it blocks heat by limiting the amount of light that comes in by making the film DARKER. plus dyed tints have a tendency to fade colors and shift to purple.

metallic tints uses metal films to filter out heat - works well and you don't need as dark of tints to filter out heat. the issue is these metallic tints have known to cause problems for devices like navigations and cellphones

ceramic tints use ceramic tech to color the film. it doesnt discolor or fade and it filters heat by actually blockout out UV and heat with the ceramic rather than blocking out light. So a light ceramic tint does just as good of a job of filtering heat compared to a dark tint.
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