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Engine light is on

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I bought a CLA250 on last Friday ( 10/25/13 ). Three days later, my engine light was on on the way to my office, the mileage was around 296 miles.

This Monday (10/28/13), I drove back to the dealer, and they said someone has the same problem, and has already noticed the Mercedes. It is a program issue, it won't effect the car and safety; now the engineers are trying to fix up the problem with re-programing. Once they are done, they will let me know so I can bring the car to the dealership to install it.

They told me this before I sent it to the maintenance, I don't know if they were trying to avoid me to get the official record or what? Right now I'm still driving the car with the engine light on.

Any suggestion? What should I do right now?

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Welcome to MercedesCLAForum @eslite.louis - so a few things:

1) Where are you located, and do you have lemon laws (where you can return a car that has constant problems). Doesnt' sound like you're there yet but good to know your options.
2) Are they giving you a loaner car for that period?
3) Are they willing to give you the codes / errors that are actually being thrown when it's hooked up to the diagnostic computer at the dealer, or are they being very quiet about it?

I remember someone else posting something similar about this. Trying to remember who ...

Well, one thought I generally have with dealers (so, all dealers close your ears that are on the forum) -- the dealership has less incentive to fix it fast if the car is in YOUR possession. If you can get them to give you a rental car, at their cost, then it's a clock for them. Every day you have the rental costs money, plus avoids putting mileage on your car.

That said, you get a car you don't own, that everyone else has been sitting in. I'd suggest calling the service manager, tell them you don't feel "safe" driving a car that has a constant check engine light, and that you want a rental / loaner car until they fix it. I bet you some pressure will get you at least more information to make you feel better, plus will allow you to share what you find with us :)

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That's a very good point.
I just made my appointment tomorrow morning.
I will let you know what's going on here.
Demand something expensive as a loaner @eslite.louis :)
ok, here is what happened this morning.

I made an appointment at 7:45 am today. When I was driving on the way to the service, my service advisor called me. ( I know this guy for more than 7 yrs. )

Service advisor: Are you coming in due to the engine light on problem?

I: Yes.

I filled the service form on their website instead of call him directly, cause I know I probably will be rejected or dismissed by the same excuse. I am trying to get a engine code from there.

Then he said: The engine light on is a known problem, they are trying to fix the problem. The new program will be sent to us in about 2 weeks, you can call me two weeks later so I can arrange the appointment for you.

I: Don't you need to check if there is anyother problem on the engine?

Service advisor: No, lots of CLA has the same problem, it's because the sensor is too sensitive, it's not a big deal, nothing wrong with the engine.

I: humm.....O..k...., but can you turn off the engine light for me, it's very irritating to me. ( To me, I don't know what going on there, the engine light on always makes me feel it's gonna be explored within next several seconds...=.= )

Service advisor: Sorry we can't do that, We can not keep your new car in our facility (due to that problem).

I guess they don't want to have a record on that, otherwise I can use that as an evidence to say the car is a lemon car.

I: So will you call me when you get the new program two weeks later? It's gonna be like a recall, right?

Service advisor: umm, it'd be better if you can give me a call, too many CLA (or customers he said I don't remember) here I need to take care; and yeah, every CLA needs to install the new program.

Conversation is over.
I type this by my memory, not exectly the words we were using, just in case.

I knew I am gonna get this kind of result, that's why I came here yesterday and asked what should I do.

What do you think? Any good ideas about next step?
Not sure if it's clear from reading it (read it twice), did he offer you a loaner, did you ask for one, I agree that I wouldn't want to drive a car where you don't know what's wrong, and the engine light is constantly on.
He called and said no need to come in.
I didn't even have a chance to approach the service facility.
No loaner, just wait for two weeks with the light on.
I'm shocked.. keep us posted, glad you are making progress!

How much mileage did you have again when the light turned on, @eslite.louis?
Just got the response from MBUSA Customer Support .

Sounds like they said the same thing your dealer did. That sucks :(

@eslite.louis Did you hear anything more from your dealer on this, inquiring minds want to know!

I'd ask for ...

A free keychain
A free tshirt
2 free service visits
A hug from the service manager

Is that too much? :)

Sorry about the late.
the code is P24D62A

After re-install the program, everything looks ok now.
Hopefully nothing will happen anymore. :p
Good to hear thanks for the update!

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