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Everything About the 45 AMG, *official Document*

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heres a link to the mbusa official press release. it has everything to do with the cla and cla 45 amg. enjoy


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Talking about turbo lag, does Mercedes have a history of having turbo lag?

So far from what im seeing, it seems as if Mercedes over built the engine, but is tuning it to be good enough. I guess a good place to start to assume if there will be turbo lag is how much PSI is actually being used. Usually low output turbo's that help to do what a V6 can and no more, are quite lag free. It's just high performance applications that get it.
Thanks for sharing. I wonder if Mercedes' typically conservative 0-60mph times suggests that the CLA 45 will do closer to 4.2 seconds 0-60?
im even more curious about how much performance we can "unlock" with an ECU tune, Mercedes is one of those brands that tends to undertune their cars, leaving power and performance that can be "unlocked"
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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