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GCBC calls the CLA a fine arts graduate...

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CLA purchase isn't based on spec charts and spreadsheets; on ride quality, visibility, or screen size; on comparisons with Kias, Hondas, or even other Mercedes-Benzes. The CLA250 plays on passions. It's the fine arts graduate with a closing argument.
pretty balanced review. They know the CLA doesn't stack the best on specs, but they do know that it plays with your emotions...

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 Review - At What Cost Style? - GOOD CAR BAD CAR
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More like the car for arts graduates who can't afford something nicer, but whatever. I think in many ways people have to buy with their heart with the CLA, if you are critical and buy more with your brain you will find more problems with the CLA.
If you're an arts graduate you can't afford anything nice, let alone a car.
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That's true of any German car. If you bought cars with your brain and a ledger, you'd always end up with Korean nowadays (Japanese only a few years ago) in the states, probably Malaysian in the EU.

I think the CLA is an overall dumb purchase if you are thinking logically, but to live life completely governed by logic is rather boring. Besides, there's nothing wrong with the occasional irrational purchase (as long as you can afford it). Many companies live by them. Look at Apple, Beats, Coca Cola, etc, etc. And, of course, Mercedes-Benz.
This is very true. We currently have a Toyota and a Honda and have had other Toyotas and Hondas so we know dependability and reliability as well as anyone. But we didn't decide on the CLA by those measures. We got the CLA for emotional reasons, not logical. My wife drives our Toyota SUV as a dependable Mommy Taxi/toy hauler and I still have my Honda Accord as my daily commuter. My CLA is my weekend "fun" car.
Personally, I don't consider a cheap American muscle car fun. They tend to be a very powerful engine bolted onto a body designed back in the stone age. They are great in going a straight line, but give it any corner and look out. Also the interiors can make an Impreza look nice. The good ones (like the Roush Mustang) costs way too much. He probably still wanted some practicality. I'm not sure I would call the Q60 fun, but the 370Z and MX-5 definitely are, but are also in no ways practical. And if you pull up in a nice restaurant or hotel in a 370Z, the valet will just point you to the McDonalds on the other side of town. :p
I'm with sleepyhead on the assessment of "American Muscle" cars. Also, I have a toddler I have to drag around, even on weekends, so I needed rear doors so I don't have to contort myself to get him into his carseat.
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