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Has Anyone Else Bought Or Test Drove One??

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We can't be the only ones on this forum that has.
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We picked up the car Monday night. White with Bi Xenon Package, P1 and Sport Package. Vehicle won't put in reverse last night. Towed to dealership within 24 hours. LOL :D


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I believe Paragon also has one... hint hint.. we'd to see the pics Paragon!
Pic posted. :D
After transmission failure, our CLA is back from the dealership.


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awesome photos.

not sure if I read before. what happened to the transmission?
The car wouldn't put in reverse after we took delivery in 12 hours. LOL.

I'm not one to usually go for or pay attention to extras, but that is one nice looking box the keys came in. Do all Mercedes come with those or is it just that dealership? It is classy, and does turn receiving the car into a bit of an event.
I believe just that dealership. :D
What was their explanation for the no reverse problem?
Transmission failure. They replaced the valve body of the transmission.
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