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Has Anyone Else Bought Or Test Drove One??

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We can't be the only ones on this forum that has.
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I've mainly seen Europeans getting their CLA's, haven't seen a single Canadian or American getting theirs unless I missed it.
A lot of cars are cursed because they are first year production models. Don't be surprised if the CLA turns out like this. So far CLA 180 guys seem to be fine.
To be fair those 17's is what is suitable for a car like this from the factory, it's the typical factory wheel sizing.
At least it will work wheel as beater wheels/winter wheels, while we can always spend money on bigger wheels which are more to our liking.
I plan to test drive the new BMW and Audi competitors when they come out.
do you know when the BMW 2 series sedan is expected to come out?
So they expect you to pay $800 for the "use" of the grill for the duration of the lease. When you give the car back do you get any portion of the $800 back? I doubt it. It was posted on another thread that it is also $800 when you purchase (not lease) the car and you get the keep the grill and it's value when you sell it.
Good question, there should be no reason to pay $800 out of your own pocket with no return in the end if it's going on a leased car.

They should include it in the original price of the car and go from their.
1 - 5 of 63 Posts
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