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Has Anyone Else Bought Or Test Drove One??

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We can't be the only ones on this forum that has.
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Finally my wait is over

Picked up mine yesterday.


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my cla

looks really nice. i especially like the rear end. let us know more driving details. especially engine feel. tranny feel and how your gas mileage is in the real world. cant wait for mine but it will be 4matic so i have to 4get it until spring.
The engine feels great. I have enjoyed driving it so far. The gas mileage is good, but I don't expect to get the 30 mpg average because I am not using the eco start/stop feature. Due to heavy traffic, I can't really enjoy the car using the eco I turn it off.
my cla

Looking good. How do you find the interior?
The interior is really nice....especially considering the fact that I didn't get an interior upgrade. The only little issue is that the 7 inch display is mounted high which makes it look like an add on. My only regret so far is not getting a wheel upgrade. The 17 inch looks small on the car.
1 - 3 of 63 Posts
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