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Has Anyone Else Bought Or Test Drove One??

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We can't be the only ones on this forum that has.
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We can't be the only ones on this forum that has.
I have yet to schedule a test drive. I'm thinking maybe a lunch time this Friday at the dealer near my work. Or some time next week in the evening at one of the dealers near where I live. We have so many MB dealers to choose from I really have no excuse for not test driving one yet.
I've mainly seen Europeans getting their CLA's, haven't seen a single Canadian or American getting theirs unless I missed it.
Soccerdog's wife just got hers.
We picked up the car Monday night. White with Bi Xenon Package, P1 and Sport Package. Vehicle won't put in reverse last night. Towed to dealership within 24 hours. LOL :D
Oh no. Was it towed by the dealership, AAA, or you called a tow truck? Also, did you get a loaner car?
Yeah, I think I'm going to wait it out a bit. I will still go for a test drive, though.
Picked up mine yesterday.
Beautiful. Congratulations and lots of luck. I see you got the panaramic roof. If it's not too much to ask can you put up a picture of it fully opened? Thanks and enjoy.
The 17 inch looks small on the car.
I thought the same thing when I saw the car in person.
I have an appointment to test drive one at noon today. I hope I get to test drive one with 17" wheels and one with 18" wheels to feel the difference. If the ride is too rough with the 18s then I will have to reconsider.
Back from test drive

OK, so I'm back from my test drive. While waiting to take the test drive I was browsing around the showroom and was checking out the attached CLA250 Edition 1. The sticker was $41K and change. The Edition 1 package alone was $10K+. The car is beautiful and I love the color combo. What I thought was odd was that along with the package it included the 18" AMG black polished wheels (which are beautiful) and drilled rotors but only the front rotors are drilled. The rear rotors are your standard solid variety. I thought that was weird and looked odd and mismatched. Right next to it was a pretty much stock Cirrus white CLA250 coming in at just over $31K with a couple of standalone options, no packages. So even before I got to drive the car I got to thoroughly check out both CLAs. The seating position was good and the seats felt comfortable in both. I love the small yet thickly wrapped steering wheel. The switches are located in the perfect positions but the car was quite small so nothing can be that far out of reach. The visibility out the front and sides were good but not so much through the back. The rear window is quite small but not too small to be dangerous. With the front seat adjusted to my height I jumped in the back (both driver and passenger sides) and there was a decent amount of room. Big caveat here, I’m only 5’8”. In the back sitting up straight there was about an inch between the top of my head and the roof. I had a few inches between my knees and the seat back. Having 4 people is quite comfortable but 5 will be very tight in the back. The rear seat back folds down 60/40 with no pass through. The trunk isn’t as deep as I expected but does go back farther than expected. There’s some additional storage space under the trunk floor because there’s no spare tire. All models have run flat tires regardless of wheel size. As for storage in the cabin, there is some but not a lot. The glove box is quite small as well as the storage space under the center arm rest. Below the center dash near the front of the center console there is a cigarette lighter and a ashtray. If you don’t smoke then I suppose you can put some spare change in there. Just in front of the center arm rest are cup holders. In the back seat there’s a 12v socket and another small compartment in the middle with vents just above them. Then you have the usual bottle holders and map storage on the doors. That’s about it for storage. In the compartment under the center arm rest there’s another 12v plug. So in all there are 3. I think there’s also a USB plug in there, too. I’m not sure.

So finally I get to go on my test drive. Unfortunately they only had cars with the stock 17” wheels available for test drives. I got one with the panoramic roof, HID lights (which I didn’t need because it is day time), and Premium Package. I left it in ECO mode to see if I can get use to the Stop/Start feature and I can’t. It wasn’t as smooth as the VW Passat one I rented in Germany where I didn’t even notice it. With the ECO in the CLA the engine shuts down when you come to a complete stop and your foot is on the brake. As soon as you take your foot off the brake you can hear the engine start up but it didn’t start up as smoothly as the Passat did. There was a definite lag between taking my foot off the brake and getting going again. Once I got going I could really hear the engine and it didn’t take off as smoothly as I has expected. Once it got going then it started to feel much better. The engine was quite responsive. The suspension was a bit on the sporty side but not too much to be annoying (note: this was with the 17” wheels. I didn’t get to try out the 18”). It handles around turns and curves quite well and overall the car felt good. As mentioned before, the rear view vision wasn’t that great but the blind spot warning system worked well and helped out.

Overall it’s a nice car and has its pros and cons. Although the car is comfortable to ride in, it is a small. I would say the car is comparable to a Civic in interior space. It looks nice and has a lot of style. I’m not 100% sold on it just yet. I’ll have to check out the competition when they come out with their comparable models.


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I test drove one with 17" wheels. I didn't pay particular attention to the ride but it wasn't harsh enough for me to notice so I guess in that respect it's not that bad.
good to hear your insight tonyride.

what else do you plan on test driving?
I plan to test drive the new BMW and Audi competitors when they come out.
do you know when the BMW 2 series sedan is expected to come out?
No I don't. I was asking that question also.
On another note -

All the people that came to test drive the CLA while I was there were older couples.Leaves me wondering if this will end up as the run of the mill model that parents buy for their spoiled kid or just an old couples car.Opposed to being a younger generations car with tuning options and such.It can end up like a Lexus ES model or an IS.

At this dealership there was 20 cars,all sold.None with visual packages or xenon/led options.
Why do you care who's buying the car? As long as you like it what does it matter who else does, also. BTW, the CLA is no where near an ES. IS, maybe.
Just agreed to a lease deal yesterday and the dealer said I could have the sport grill for $800. Didn't go for the option personally but at least the option is out there for those wondering.
So they expect you to pay $800 for the "use" of the grill for the duration of the lease. When you give the car back do you get any portion of the $800 back? I doubt it. It was posted on another thread that it is also $800 when you purchase (not lease) the car and you get the keep the grill and it's value when you sell it.
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