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Has Anyone Else Bought Or Test Drove One??

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We can't be the only ones on this forum that has.
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looks really nice. i especially like the rear end. let us know more driving details. especially engine feel. tranny feel and how your gas mileage is in the real world. cant wait for mine but it will be 4matic so i have to 4get it until spring.
the smaller wheels will ride better also. i have the bigger amg on my 300 4matic and hate what they do to the comfort ride.
ps master chief. i am a former fmf corpsman from long ago
doc fred, hm2 1966-1970
fred from nashville drives the new cla 250

i have a 4matic version on order but did get to drive a beautiful jupiter cla 250 this morning. this a car of contradictions. the price was 34000 (about) and had the 18 inch wheels . first, the red is beautiful!!!!!!!! they had a blck one too with the stock wheels. hate to say it but they are butt *** ugly. the sticker does indicate 38 mpg on highway. pretty good. on the outside its like a narrower version of my 2010 c300 4matic as far as size goes.inside it seems narrower. the stock seats are extremely comfy for me (5ft 10 168lbs). i dont care aboutthe rear seat headroom but itf you do you are right. the gap in the door that others have mentioned DOES exist. engine fires up instantly . if you step on it it is noisy 4 banger sound of valves and stuff. does not seem to be insulated. in the eco mode it is a dog dog dog. wants to shift into 7th asap. the feel of the wheel is rather racy in that it is small and quite comf (for me). the ride is choppy over bumps and somewhat noisy over them too. in the s mode the shiftng is quite good and easy to control. in manual the paddles are fun and seem to be the way to drive most of the time. gives a lot of control and shifts without tooooo much lag. the engine is a surprise. if you gently accelerate it is a little slow. stand on iit and you hear the loud noise of the engine. then that turbo kicks in and you are down the road! quite quick feeling. seems like a stiff ride but when really pushed corners really well!!
summation. this car will be a huge delight for some and a big disapointment for others.
this is NOT a smooth quiet luxury/ semi luxury car. BUT this is a REALLY fun car that you can sling around and have a blast with. at the same time on a smooth road it is silent (except for the 4banger noise)
im going to have a blast with my4matic version when it comes in this spring AND get good mileage at the same time
i hope ive addressed evrything. it was only a 15 inute drive but it was a hoot. i then got into my 300 and quietly serenely drove home:cool::cool::cool:
fred from nashville
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its nice to see test drives are coming in now fast and furious (including mine, he said blushingly)
the more i think about it

as the days go by after my test drive, ive solidified my feelings about this car. i do not agree that this is a luxury car complete with silent stately drive that does not shake up the occupents. i feel that this is a semiperformance car that is a blast to throw around, use the paddles, punch it. slide it. have a great time with it. i think you will have fun fun fun BUT if you are expecting luxury handling, faggetabout it!!!!!im going to really enjoy it. ;):cool::);)
1 - 5 of 63 Posts
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