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Hello from Hong Kong

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Good to join you all, have a nice drive with CLA :)
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Welcome to the forum.
Is the CLA popular in Hong Kong or what?
CLA is still a rare sight in Hong Kong as we have a long waiting list, 18 months when first launch, now down to 8-10 months. I ordered mine in February and expected delivery date is October/ November
Interesting, didn't expect it to be like that, thought things would have moved along faster.

18 months is crazy, even 8-10 months is, oh well, better than never.
Small market in Hong Kong. Most of the right hand drive CLAs were probably allocated to the UK, Australia, Japan, and South Africa (and maybe India too). And if the safety and other rules are different enough from the UK now, then each car for Hong Kong would basically be a "one-off." Hong Kong's only like 8 million people. And it's a urban 8 million. Meaning the audience is a whole lot less than 8 million.
Put like that it makes sense.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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