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Hello from Miami

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Hi, guys, new black CLA owner here. I bought her last week and enjoy every minutes since then, nice to meet all of you here in the forum.
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Thanks, guys...well, the color is black(@qhb & @Tonyride)..I bought her from Coral Gables. Actually, it's pre-owned (Already!), somebody took her home for three days and his wife did not like the color. So, his lost, my gain...the car is basic trim with only 18" wheels option and pre-wire beck pilot. The car itself feels biger than my old 328I...but I love everything about it except those door pins! @Lisabenz, I'm glad we are in the same area, what about your CLA..?
Welcome aboard.

Can't believe someone already had returned one. How much did you end up scoring it for?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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