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Hello from Miami

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Hi, guys, new black CLA owner here. I bought her last week and enjoy every minutes since then, nice to meet all of you here in the forum.
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Hahh.! Love the video, that was years ago.. I got her for 32,000 out the door.
Welcome to the forum. $32k OTD doesn't sound too bad. How come you didn't go with 4-Matic? Just curious.

Post some pictures of your CLA when you get a chance.
What vehicle are you upgrading from?
Probably because it's not available yet and they don't get much snow in Miami. Also, I wouldn't pass up on the deal either. Out the door price after tax and feels are usually 10% in addition to the sale price. So $32K out the door is pretty damn good.
Ah True.
Good reason for not going for it. Even living in Miami or somewhere warm I would still go for it. Apparently you get a better over all driving experience with it.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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