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Hello from the Chicagoland area

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Hi all!

Placed my order for the 2014 MB CLA250 about 1.5 months ago. Anxiously awaiting that call from the 'Autohaus on Edens' dealership telling me my car is in. They estimated Sept. 24ish so its almost here!

This will be my first MB. I come from a blue collar 'only buy American vehicles' family, so not sure how this will be received, however the CLA250 looks so darned sleek and sporty that I'm willing to risk the ridicule.
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Although I've owned all American vehicles in the past, it doesn't mean I've been happy with them or the service I received. Over the years, I've made lots of trips to the dealership to get repairs (fortunately before the warranty expiration). I have a few friends that have Mercedes that are extremely happy with them (one will not buy any car but a Mercedes), so I started doing a bit of research. I didn't want anything as big as the E class and was actually looking into the C class when this model started being advertised. I put a deposit down and am anxiously awaiting it to come in next week. My thoughts were that if I didn't like the look (in person) or how it drives, I'd also look into the C class.
we had a Chevy Avalanche with a ton of transmission problems, and unfortunately the problems happened after warranty was up.

what problems did you go through?
Hello! I am also from Chicagoland (Gurnee to be exact). Picked up my CLA last saturday from Knauz in Lake Bluff. Extremely happy with it thus far. Night black exterior and black mb-tex interior.

Congrats on getting one, post some pictures of it for us to see!
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