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Hello from the Chicagoland area

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Hi all!

Placed my order for the 2014 MB CLA250 about 1.5 months ago. Anxiously awaiting that call from the 'Autohaus on Edens' dealership telling me my car is in. They estimated Sept. 24ish so its almost here!

This will be my first MB. I come from a blue collar 'only buy American vehicles' family, so not sure how this will be received, however the CLA250 looks so darned sleek and sporty that I'm willing to risk the ridicule.
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Welcome laur0812!
Picked up my CLA250 on Tuesday and have spent the last couple days 'getting to know it'. All I can say is that I LOVE MY NEW CAR!!!! I have always wanted a red car, so call this my midlife crisis...I got Jupiter red. The upgrades I got included the 18" wheels, panorama sunroof, rear deck spoiler, the premium package and the multimedia package. The interior is all black. This car is small but not too small. The only negative is that the back seat will be tight on headroom for my tall friends. Other than that, I have nothing but love for this car. I am amazed that this is only a 4 cylinder as it would easily blow my old 6 cylinder car away in a heartbeat. It is FAST and extremely maneuverable. I can turn on a dime and get in and out of tight places with absolutely no problem. I attached a picture (hopefully it uploaded correctly) of me and my baby.
Very exciting :)

See, when I hit my midlife crisis I went for a cruiser. I think you've made a better choice with a CLA. At least you have four walls of metal around you, and lots of cool toys.

Have you done a few race starts from lights against seemingly faster looking cars, you passing everyone?

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