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How Many Edition 1 CLAs...

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700, just 700 Edition 1 CLA's are allocated for North America, with 300 dealers scattered across the US alone, good luck getting you're hands on one. Most have either been pre sold or sold within 24-48 hrs of arrival.

Although I think we do have one member here with an Edition 1....
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Make that 2!
Sweet! Someone should get an official "who bought an edition 1 CLA" thread going just to see how many of that 700 we have lurking this forum :D

it would be idea of an edition one owner like yourself would do the honors of creating the thread!
:DI got mine on Saturday! Couldn't be happier!! It's AMAZING!!! Love the AMG wheels. Getting a few things done to the car and will post pics after it's all finished!!! LOVE MY EDITION 1!!!:D
Congrats! Those instrument cluster bezels are beautiful. Got to love the little things MB does on even one of the cheapest MB's someone can buy
Just got delivery of my edition 1 last weekend. This is my first Mercedes....having previously owned BMW. I'm happy with my satisfies all my needs for a really good price.

BTW...I've only seen Edition 1 models in mountain grey. Does anyone know if they are releasing other colors in the USA?
What BMW did you own? And how do you like it compared to your new CLA?

Have you seen BMW's rival to the CLA? The 2 series gran coupe?
get a Mustang or a 370Z. You can hop into a GT or a 370 for about the same 30K as CLA plus take the tail out sliding. CLA needs some finicky Scandinavian thing to get it *** backwards ;) LOL
or even a camaro that could keep up with the 370 on a track, not sure of the Mustang could.
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