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How Many Edition 1 CLAs...

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700, just 700 Edition 1 CLA's are allocated for North America, with 300 dealers scattered across the US alone, good luck getting you're hands on one. Most have either been pre sold or sold within 24-48 hrs of arrival.

Although I think we do have one member here with an Edition 1....
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Just picked it up last week, engine is a little noisy but the car is gorgeous, and you get a lot for your money.


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Where you NJ are you? I hope you didn't buy the one I was eyeing.
Central NJ , if you were eyeing one its gone probably, this was one of 2 the dealer got .and they get scoped up quick .
I got $601 per month 3500 down includes tax+tittle and I got 3 years 60k miles yes 20k per year and includes maint plan for 50k and wheel and tire protection
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