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How Many Edition 1 CLAs...

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700, just 700 Edition 1 CLA's are allocated for North America, with 300 dealers scattered across the US alone, good luck getting you're hands on one. Most have either been pre sold or sold within 24-48 hrs of arrival.

Although I think we do have one member here with an Edition 1....
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I brought my Edition 1 home yesterday. I agree with Tree, way more than I hoped for all around. I love the AMG wheels. As far as I know, its the only one my dealer (Boise, Idaho), was allotted.
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Here's some pics

300 miles and counting!:)


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so are you thinking MBUSA is pulling a fast one and billing CLA 250s with AMG pack as Edition 1's? Thats quite scandalous if we can actually prove it...
I'm confused why that's scandalous. The Edition 1 CLA250's specifically have AMG features listed on the spec sheet. For instance, the wheels are gloss-black "AMG" stamped wheels. The ground effects and larger front spoiler are shared with the AMG as well. Although the AMG does not get the cool chrome diamond grill - which is spectacular looking IMHO.

I get it. I do like that CLA45 Edition 1. Nice.
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