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How Many Edition 1 CLAs...

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700, just 700 Edition 1 CLA's are allocated for North America, with 300 dealers scattered across the US alone, good luck getting you're hands on one. Most have either been pre sold or sold within 24-48 hrs of arrival.

Although I think we do have one member here with an Edition 1....
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Make that 2!
Looks sweet. I really like the color. Do you plan on getting any tints?
The night package includes the black side mirror covers, black window trim and that vertical piece between the front and back side windows, and some other black pieces around the exterior of the car.
I thought I saw some pictures of the edition 1 with the night package but having a hard time locatiing it now. Can any one pull it up?
Yes Sir! one flavor for every one but what would you guys do to set yourself apart from every other editon 1 cla owner. or just leave it...
1 - 3 of 70 Posts
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