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How Many Edition 1 CLAs...

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700, just 700 Edition 1 CLA's are allocated for North America, with 300 dealers scattered across the US alone, good luck getting you're hands on one. Most have either been pre sold or sold within 24-48 hrs of arrival.

Although I think we do have one member here with an Edition 1....
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These pics are very nice - however dont match an edition 1 cla 45 amg.
1) not sure edition 1 on prod line just yet MB Canada says prod starts Nov 2013
2) the brake calipers are not red, no amg badge on rear
3) The amg front grill has 2 blades - this model has 1 blade
4) amg model and edition 1 description should be on the front side of car - dont see the badge.
5) If we had interior picks the cla 45 amg has a gear selector - center console
6) I conclude this is a 250 cla with amg package

The car is beautiful - any one ordered a cla45 amg edition 1 and when is delivery - in canada told production starts in Nov and its a 6 month wait - whats the wait in the states - any idea?
so are you thinking MBUSA is pulling a fast one and billing CLA 250s with AMG pack as Edition 1's? Thats quite scandalous if we can actually prove it...
I just looked over there are two flavours of edition 1
1) CLA 250 edition 1
2) CLA 45 AMG edition 1

The difference I highlighted was for the second option CLA45 AMG edition 1. MB would not be pulling a fast one, It did not occur to me that the CLA 250 also had an edition 1. A bit confusing, but I believe we are all correct. These cars are just - beautiful, powerful and refreshing for the MB brand My dealer in Canada says only 65 CLA 45 AMG edition 1 are allocated - see pic of amg cla 45 edition 1 - quite an eye catcher, notice the subtle diff even with the bottom paint work and rear spoiler
This car just looks amazing, but a six month wait and prod starting in Nov 2013
OH ok, see i thought you had found data saying CLA 250 Ed 1's hadn't started production yet...

The reason it would of been scandalous if MBUSA was just billing regular CLA 250s as ED 1's is because of the premium commanded by Ed.1 cars...

They're supposed to be limited edition, semi collector cars. Imagine if you though you had an Ed.1 all along and it turns out the dealer lied ;)
I previously owned a BMW M3 Sedan. It was my dream car. However it is now out of warranty.....and was costing me too much in repairs and gas, so I gave it up...and wanted something compact, economical, sporty and luxurious....and the CLA came I decided to lease it for a few years to see if I like the Mercedes Brand.

And yes...I saw the 2 series gran coupe....if it was available...I probably would've purchased that instead. I also would've considered the new Audi A3 sedan. However both of these models aren't available until next year......I can't wait that long.

I think BMW and Mercedes both have their good and bad points. I also test drove the new BMW 428i with M Package. Very sporty and luxurious. However, once I option it up to the same level as the're pretty much paying over $55k.
I wouldn't say CLA is going to give you a clear picture of the Mercedes Brand, maybe some of the intangibles that come from dealing with their people but in terms of quality of products the CLA will definitely not be fair to compare to your M3...

Anyways congrats on the car, how are you likeing the adjustment from RWD monster to FWD city car?
Yes I's not a true comparison. I'm viewing it as "taking a little break" until I figure out the next sports car I'm going to get.
get a Mustang or a 370Z. You can hop into a GT or a 370 for about the same 30K as CLA plus take the tail out sliding. CLA needs some finicky Scandinavian thing to get it *** backwards ;) LOL
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