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How to Register and Activate Autel MaxiIM IM508 IM608

Here will explain step by step how to register, activate and update your Autel MaxiIM IM608 or IM508 tablet.

Step 1: Sign up with Email

Enter email address to create account

Send a verification E-mail to your address

Retrieve the verification code from your e-mail

Enter email, password and verification code to sign up

Step 2: Register MaxiIM

Now register your device with serial number
Press Register button

Enter serial number and Register

MaxiIM is successfully registered

Step 3: Run Update

In MaxiIM menu, select Update function

Check available software update and download software

It will auto install and update MaxiIM APP
Launch MaxiIM home menu

Open MaxiIM App

MaxiIM is initializing data

Go to Update function again
Check available IMMO or Diagnosis update and run update

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