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import CLA 45 AMG Hatchback to U.S.?

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Anyone know how hard it is to import a otherwise standard issue CLA45 AMG hatchback into the U.S.? I dont know if the euro versions are different than the US counterparts anymore.

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This response would be accurate for a model not already in he US. I am just talking about a hatchback vs trunk. Otherwise same car.

Any people who actually know or have experience care to respond?


Umm, it's called the A45. Good luck. If it doesn't meet emissions standards then it needs to be modified by a licensed person. Then you have to deal with all the import fees, duties, and taxes. Then you have to hope your DMV will allow you to register it, since a European car usually does not meet US crash standards (which is why our cars tend to weigh anywhere from one to ten standard Americans more than a EU version :p) because we have to protect the idiot who breaks the law by not wearing a seatbelt, while the EU and UK figure, if they break the law, we're not going to waste the effort. And that's on top of buying the car to begin with, which is already going to be a lot more expensive than an equivalent car in the US due to the high VATs. Then to ship the car here.

And the A45 is expensive as hell in any European country. It is almost the equivalent number value as a CLA45 here (I think it starts 46k in the UK), and given the Euro/Pound sterling exchange rate, good luck. That's before the VAT.

You at least have to deal with DOT, EPA, NHTSA, USDA, Customs, and IRS to import a car. It is never worth it. I had a friend who thought about this. As you can probably guess, they decided against it once they saw what it entailed. It's only worth it for a classic or a one-off.

And then, to make it even more fun, the gasoline may not be of high enough octane stateside. Our premium is roughly Europe's regular. And the luxury cars in Europe run on their premium. Even Chinese gas is better than ours.
After I double checked, you are right. Although the A45 is almost the same as the CLA45, it is not the same.


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