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iPod connection

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Hi all, has anybody connected their iPod via the media interface connection? I used mine for the first time today and plugged it in up came the Mercedes logo so all good there. Although as soon as I try to use it the connection is awful and it keeps dropping connection, reconnecting and then eventually disconnects completely. During this the Mercedes logo stays on the iPod all the time.
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Ok thank you both for your feedback. I viewed the Mercedes link and it says I need a iPod classic v6, not sure which mine is but i'll try to find out tonight.

I also tried my iTouch this morning and it worked fine so if I don't have a v6 classis I guess i'll be using the iTouch.
When you say iTouch do you mean iPod Touch? I have an older iPod and I can't get it to work with the MB interface either.
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