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Hi, I'm new to leasing and after following suggestions on this site this is the leasing term from my dealership:

MSRP 38,755
Base Cap Cost 35,467
Cost Added to Lease 0
Cap Cost Reduction 0
Adjusted Cap Cost 0
Residual value 60% (should it be 66%?)
Money factor .00144
24 month term
10% tax
7500 miles per year
Monthly lease $531

Any thoughts and/or advise?

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sounds a lot like my lease in that its 24months 10000, in my case, i did do the maintenance pay since they take a lot of it and add it to the residual. result: 24 month maintenance went down to $150 total instead of 400+. it took so long to get here (11 months) that the money i kept putting aside let me pay my lease in one payment. i like that.
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