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Just Got My CLA250 And This Is What I Think....

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I purchased a cirrus white car with the sport package, the bi-xenon/LED package, and the nav. I've had the car 8 days now and these are my observations.


1. Hot looking car from all angles. Subjective of course. Definitely has bespoke styling.
2. The suspension is well set up.
3.. The car is nicely balanced. Feels like the weight distribution is right on the money.
4. Quiet ride. Very little wind noise.
5. Love the bi-xenons, the LED running lamps, and the LED tail lights.
6. Fit and finish. This is a tight car.
7. Engine.... very smooth 4 cylinder.
8. Dual clutch 7 speed automated manual trans in sport or manual mode.
9. Averaging 32mpg city/highway.
10. Steering feel is amazing.
11. Might be the best steering wheel I've ever driven with. Perfect thickness. Great ergonomics.
12. Fantastic brake pedal feel and easy to modulate.

1. Auto shift points while in economy setting. Sport and manual are fine
2. Some cheap feeling plastic here and there. Not too bad and not in the important places.
3. Don't like the cruise control stalk. Would prefer the controls on the wheel. I've hit my turn signal when I meant to hit the cruise control several times.
4. No keyless/push button start.
5. A little low on horsepower. Wife has a $24K 2007 Mazda Speed 3 with 270hp.
6, FWD... Other than the thought of it not really a big deal. I have a 680hp rear wheel drive sports car for fun. This is for commuting.

Other than the few very minor gripes this car is a winner in my book if you can get it for under $35K. Over 35K there are other cars on par to consider. The idea here is to keep this car a bargain and that means paying less than $35K. This is just my personal opinion.

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I agree with just about everything you said. I wanted to keep this car cheap like it should be. All I cared about was the pano roof, bi-xenon lights, the exterior color, and getting rid of that aluminum slab on the dash. The car is awesome otherwise.
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