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Let's play devil's advocate

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I tend to do this whenever I want to buy something big because I find it helps quite a bit in making sure I made the right decision or stopping me from making the wrong one. It also helps me sometimes find things that I did not think were pluses because I never thought it through (I'll put an example below). And before you all think I'm a troll, I think you can see from my previous posts (and the fact I put an order for a CLA45) that I'm not just baiting here.

So, what are things that deter you about the CLA? For me . . .


While I like the styling, some of it makes me think it's trying too hard. For example I think the diamond grille pattern is kind of garish, like bling.

The sunroof makes the car too creaky and floppy for real spirited driving.

There's next to no standard equipment, and the packages are loaded with stuff I don't want admist the stuff I do.

It's FWD dominant.


Now for the thing that I thought was bad.

I thought it was trying too hard to look like a baby CLS and when I first saw it I thought it looked like someone squashed a CLS. It didn't look right. But now seeing it more (in person specifically) it has its own charm. Sure it still looks like a CLS but I think it's different enough now that it's not just hanging on the coattails.
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I like the diamond grill. Have you see it in person?

I don't think it lacks power for the price (the CLA 250)

There is a 4Matic available. But it is FWD bias if that bothers you.

The exterior and interior are "youthful" designs. Interior quality is decent but not the best from Mercedes (obviously)

The no standard equipment complaint is across the board with BMW, Mercedes, Audi.

Might not be as extreme on expensive models but the CLA is an entry level model.
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