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Line detection, blind spot assis and Distronic Plus, are they worh it?

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Hi folks,

I ordered a CLA 220 CDI and I still have a couple of weeks to change the options.

Regarding the line detection and blind spot assist, for those who have it, is it worth it?

Same question for Distronic Plus, is it worth it? especially since by default we already have the collision prevention assist (I know they don't offer the same capabilities, but in terms of safety, collision prevention assist may be enough?)

I'm hesitating to take none of them, some of them (e.g. line detection only) or all the them, but them the price tag is slightly different.

Thanks in advance.
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I would have to agree with sleepyhead. I have the cla250 with night package and it is hard to see out off but I did opt for the blind spot alert. Recently got given a A45 to drive with all the options you mentioned and the only one that didn't drive me nuts was the blind spot alert. The others are really not that refined in my opinion, the line detect made it hard to overtake as it try's to keen you in the lane, so you feel the steering is slightly fighting you and the distronic absolutely sucked, when you set the cruise control you want something nice and smooth, this function is far from it! It feels like the brakes go on when you get too close to the car in front then after this the accelerator feels like it is pressed to hard, so you are constantly slowing then speeding up. But once again this is only my opinion and you might like the way the options work for you and your style of driving.
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