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I have had no issues with my CLA45 since I bought it almost a year ago other than an issue with the pause/mute button which required a reinstall of the system (which was free). I don't know how much more expensive this car will be as it gets older, but I went in fully expecting a more expensive maintenance bill.

With regards to the discs being warped, I think other people had issues with that. You may want to browse the forum. I don't think it ended up being a disc issue.

As to the HK system, I think it has more than enough bass. I don't usually go around with the bass thumping (I don't like my cars to shake and rattle) but it definitely goes high enough on my car for me to hate it. Personally I think quality audio systems in a car are overkill since there is so much background noise from the car/road/air and for the most part we play 128kbps mp3s from streaming sites. Even 320kbps only gets you so far. A really good audio system can't really shine unless you are using uncompressed music like from a CD (or at least lossless formats). I'm always amazed by people who will spend hundreds of dollars on expensive headphones only to listen to 128kbps audio from iTunes. Heck I had music in the late 90s when I was a schoolkid that were higher quality.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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