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From my understanding is that maintenance for any German or European vehicle is at least 15-20% more than your average cost of service. And this is not only at the dealerships.

Not sure where i read an article of comparable reliability for brands of vehicles, I think it was JD Powers, but since the 90s japanese vehicles have been at the top and known for reliability. The german auto makers always released new gadgets but were prone to failing. Not only did they create a hassle but werent necessary. It seems like the past times were having the newest technology and who was to bring it out first without testing. Mercedes vehicles can last long but who is not to say they've had a couple hiccups in between. Ask any real owner, it doesnt matter is it breaks by an inch or a mile, breaking is breaking. So off to the dealership you go with a frown.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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