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Mercedes CLA: Adaptive Suspension?

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Will Mercedes have or provide an option for adaptive suspension with the CLA? I know the Mercedes C-Class has it or will its inclusion increase the price beyond reason for the CLA?
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On a car thats starts at $29 900 I highly doubt it, tech like that is reserved for higher end vehicles like the E-Class, C-Class, etc.

I don't even think the CLA45 AMG will have it.
The adaptive suspension won't be on the CLA. The C-Class still needs to retain some features over the CLA.
for those kinds of technology especially the adaptive suspension which is still very new I doubt it will be in this class. Usually for these types of features the cost is pretty high since it's new and would be offered in the higher classes like benzfan had mentioned. But until something bigger and better comes out you won't see it in this class.
Just to clear things up. There are actually two kinds of active suspensions that automakers use. Pure active suspension and adaptive suspension/semi-active suspension. Pure active uses an actuator to literally raise and lower the chassis independently at each wheel, while adaptive suspensions only vary shock absorber firmness to match changing road or dynamic conditions. These systems also have a many names depending on the manufacturer. For example, Mercedes calls their active system, Active Body Control. BMW calls their active suspension, Active Roll Stabilization.

You can probably tell by the difference which requires more effort to build and is the more costly of the two.
Thanks stylecoupe for defining the differences of the adaptive suspension. I think its good to know the difference between the two so no one gets confused. For such a tech savy component it's more likely to be in the upper class vehicles like in the S class and up.
And the CLA has neither of those right?

Just regular old dampers and springs.
And the CLA has neither of those right?

Just regular old dampers and springs.

Here's a video I found on Mercedes active suspension

Introducing Active Body Control, a fully active suspension technology from Mercedes-Benz. This feature allows you to control vehicle body motions while eliminating body roll in diverse driving situations, allowing you to be more at ease when cornering, accelerating, and braking.
This is an amazing feature for luxury sedan which usually suffer from body roll from its longer wheel base. The adaptive suspension would help counter act on the body roll the vehicle encounters on sharper turns at higher speeds. This would be a nice suitable feature for bigger sedans.
Aside from the obvious like RWD, what other features are on the C-class that aren't on the CLA or vice versa?
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