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Mercedes CLA Aftermarket Wheel Thread

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Post pictures of aftermarket wheels on the Mercedes CLA or wheels you'd like to see on the CLA in this thread!

For those photoshop guru's, here's a perfect side shot that can be used for renderings. More photos can be found in this thread:

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Finally someone jumps in who has some good wheel taste!!! Guys, we bought a $50k+ car, let's NOT put CHEAP or SHITTY wheels on the car to ruin it! As for the guys who were interested in the Volk wheels, it CAN be done, but you'll have to drill the holes out a bit and/or run wobble bolts...there was a guy who mentioned Work VS-XX, my dude! They would look great! Nobody had mentioned a few key companies such as CCW, Rotiform, Adv1 or VIP Modular?! Check them all out, lots of styles that will look great.
Hey everyone!

I will soon have these up here, here are my fav selections so far (from HRE and SSR -- these will really accent the car IMO):


HRE FF01-Tarmac


HRE S101

SSR Professor SP3

SSR Werfen GT-03


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1 - 1 of 73 Posts
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