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Mercedes CLA Aftermarket Wheel Thread

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Post pictures of aftermarket wheels on the Mercedes CLA or wheels you'd like to see on the CLA in this thread!

For those photoshop guru's, here's a perfect side shot that can be used for renderings. More photos can be found in this thread:

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Me and her (it'll be her CLA) both have the 2nd one as our fav of the 2 but I've added one more option to the mix that I think we're leaning more towards because it looks more like the AMG wheels that will come on the car. I'm torn between 19s and 20s but everyone is doing 19s and lowering so I'll probably definitely go with 20s at stock height just to be different. :cool:


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Bryan, I agree cheap is definitely not the way to go but just because the car was $50k (btw our was around $36k, just a regular ol' 250) doesn't mean you have to spend $4-5k to make it look good. Expensive doesn't always equate to beauty, for instance look at Forgiato, while some of their wheels are gorgeous and pretty top of the line 3-piece wheels some just make you ask why. Honestly of the wheels Jason posted I'd say the S101 & SP3 are just okay, they mostly look like tuner wheels which may be what some ppl are going for but for me personally I prefer a look somewhere between sporty and classy especially for this car which is the perfect combination of the 2.
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