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Mercedes CLA Front Fascia

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Are you guys happy with how the front fascia on the CLA looks? I'm not completely happy with it and wish the lower part of the CLA 250 bumper looked more like it's concept, the "concept style coupe", with a wider center grille & smaller grilles on the side.

Mercedes Concept Style Coupe front fascia

Mercedes CLA front fascia
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production models always look far off from their concept versions, this is a good example of it. i agree with having the lower grille setup from the style concept on the production model, maybe the mercedes design team thought it didn't look good enough?
Hello, anyone help me, I am looking for the part number for the rear black mould bumper which can hold the 2 exhausts for the CLA 200 sold in UK
Not a fan of the concept, for once
The CLA fascia is what attracted me to the car. Ok and the led taillights.

The fascia on the concept is too chubby looking. Almost like a fish.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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