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Mercedes CLA To India

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growth, growth and more growth! Mercedes India is kicking out the jams and don't intend to stop anytime soon. They have 10 launches of either new cars or new derivatives planned for 2014 alone, one of them is the CLA.

To facilitate the CLA's move into India they're scaling up their 100 acre Chakan manufacturing facility, adding a new assembly line for MFA vehicles. Which would also indicate the GLA will be making the migration into India as well. The new line should be operational by 2Q 2014, and will begin with the diminutive B class and the A class hatchback with the CLA going on sale there before the end of the year, likely 3Q 2014.

As for pricing Mercedes India is expected to peg the CLA between 25-35 Lakh which translates to between $36 and $39,000 USD. Its confirmed they will be getting the CLA45 as well but that won't be happening until 2015. They should be getting the full range of power plants from CLA180 all the way through the CLA 250.
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I wasn't expecting Benz to already be offering so many vehicles in India. The CLA is going to be a ringer for them in India though. All the sudden so many more people will be able to afford a Benz in India. So many car companies are entering India with new products. Its like China 2.0
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