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LMAO if you want a performance car at a cheap price get a Vette. The CLA45 is not a performance car. Actually the ILX has the CLA beat. In this category of car, luxury, economy and bang for the buck are the measurements. Like the saying goes you can't make a horse out of a mule. I am not saying that AMG does not make great performance cars, they do and they have big HP V8's and are very fast. They are not compact cars that are designed for front wheel drive with 4 wheel drive added on. This is ricer territory :)
So if the CLA45 AMG is not a performance car to you, then what is it? :confused:
This is a performance compact, bringing V8's and more cylinders into this discussion is irrelevant. ****, I might as well say if you want a performance car, buy a Ferrari LOL
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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