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I still believe that the current A4 looks conservatively relevant. In fact, the new A3 sedan looks derivative of the A4. That said, I would still pick the new CLA for its sweeping curves and appealing front seats (on either the CLA 250 or 45).

the new Audi A3 sedan looks a bit like outgoing A4 from far, but looking at it close up you'll see all the detail and the major differences. seems like they just came up with the design using the current audi design language.

Headlights and tail lights on the A3 really show how different it is...

audi a3 sedan


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The Audi looks like crap. The Mercedes and BMW are the two good looking models.

Does anyone agree?
All three look very modern but if you had to judge which one was the best that would be more of arguable topic between the Mercedes CLA and BMW 3 series. The Audi just has a weird look to it not so much appealing but it definitely needs improvements. They need a new peter schryer.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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