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Mercedes-Benz will reveal a high-performance racecar concept at next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The CLA 45 AMG Racing Series provides a preview of upcoming vehicles built specifically for competition.

Like the “standard” AMG version of the compact new CLA sedan this racing model is powered by an almost unbelievably strong 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. It delivers a massive 360 horses through a seven-speed automatic transmission. Torque clocks in at 331 lb-ft. That’s enough spice to make this the most powerful production four-banger in the world.

Naturally this car’s suspension and brakes have been upgraded as well. It features a wider track, a fully adjustable chassis, special high-performance binders and of course lightweight wheels.

If there’s enough demand the CLA 45 AMG could enter a variety of racing competitions around the world. Its technical specifications could easily be altered to meet the rules and regulations for different series. Things like engine output and power transmission can be tweaked, plus the car can be offered as either front- or all-wheel drive.

Beyond the CLA 45 AMG’s under-hood bits it receives various carbon-fiber body panels including front and rear aprons, flared wings and special side sills. Wide racing slicks and brake cooling ducts make an already aggressive design even more imposing. Of course these new parts don’t merely look good, they’re also functional, improving the car’s aerodynamics.

Safety is mission critical as well and the CLA 45 AMG is built to protect drivers. The car’s roll-cage is constructed of high-strength steel and there’s a Recaro carbon fiber racing seat that’s ready for the HANS system (Head and Neck Support). Additionally there’s an integrated fire extinguisher and a special race-grade steering wheel.

As awesome as all of this sounds, remember, the car is just a concept at this point. Mercedes is gauging interest at the Frankfurt Show next week, but if it proves to be popular it seems likely it could go on sale.
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