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Mercedes USA- Build your CLA45 AMG

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Looks like they finally have the option to build a CLA45 AMG on their website.

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My build is $62,635.

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Try my build @$67,819.00, not counting tax at six percent and delivery on one of those charming ships that ferries eight thousand vehicles at once. Good grief. I forgot insurance...
Geez, you don't have to click every option you know . . . ;)

I ordered mine at ~53k, 52k with the Executive Allowance Bonus.
Most of it isn't really worth it. For example, the AMG steering wheel. Personally I like the stock more. It has a more uniform look over the AMG steering wheel. The Dynamica or whatever is on the AMG steering wheel looks like a dirty shop rag. It feels noticeably different in a bad way as well. The only good thing about the AMG steering wheel (it's the same size too) is the bigger paddles, which does not make up for the rag. The night styling, CF styling, and spoiler are very dependent on the color of the car you buy. Heck, you won't even see the spoiler on the black car. The sunroof in it of itself defeats the purpose of buying a powerful track capable AMG, as does the racks. The AMG Package makes the car more back breaking and upping the top speed is pointless since short of Mulsanne or Ehra-Lessien there's not a straight enough piece of road to get that fast.
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Yep. Capabilities you won't often use. AMG= more go than show, but where...?
The reason I like AMGs is because they are a bit crazy. I like getting fast lap times, but I also like sliding the tale out. An AMG is a nice luxury car that can be fun, not a cheap hunk of plastic that can't take a slight bend on a freeway (looking at you, Ford and GM). But for me, fun is not going in a straight line at 150 mph (I never understood drag racing) but going around a corner fast (and sideways at times). So I don't really care if a car has a high top speed. Acceleration is important. But I could care less about speed. Even if the car was limited to 180kph (112 mph) like they are in Japan I don't care. I'd never get up that high anyways, even if I fell off the mountain road I was sliding around on. :p
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