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Mercedes using Google Glass in Research and Development

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Mercedes-Benz Research and Development is using the Google Glass to create a navigation system that does not require you to look down, nor type in directions more than once if you are moving from walking, to car, back to walking again. On top of this, M-B is also looking into creating an Android-based infotainment system (which i think is the future of infotainment systems.)

Though both these projects are currently in development, I would guess that we can expect them in cars in the near future. It's about time that car companies give up trying to build better computers than Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Just choose Android or Apple and start building on their platforms. it will make everyone's lives a lot easier.
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Mercedes is developing something called head-up displays (HUDs) that project car info and directions on the windshield or a reflector screen. "The idea behind the HUDs is to communicate critical data without diverting the driver's eyes from the road."

last year technology like this was featured on 2% of vehicles, but that is supposed to increase to 9% by 2020. The technology is not only exciting for car enthusiasts. This technology is part of the general technology of augmented reality. Soon we will all have Google Glass, and everything from our windows, to our bathroom mirrors, to our counter tops will be displaying information to us.

The future is coming...

Just look at how much different the dashboard design would be potentially if all that data was on the windshield instead of the dashboard. This technology would create space for a complete redesign of the interior of the vehicle. I would be very interested to see what designers come up with for the interior if they no longer had to include things like a speedometer, navigation system, etc...
i just hope we dont end up getting a dash that looks like this.
what i would like to see is a dash with the traditional dash design but with this tech integrated into it.
Yea I don't like the dash board design in the photo above, but its cool that it shows something different. A dashboard that was simplified because it has less dials, and knobs, and levers would be great. Clean the whole area up a little bit then fill that space with nice materials and subtle design features.
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