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Mexico still up in the Air

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Reuters is claiming two sources have confirmed that Nissan and Mercedes would build small Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz luxury cars at Nissan's $2-billion Aguascalientes plant, opening later this year next to an existing Nissan factory.

The Mexican facility will build the new Infiniti Q30 for NA, the compact four-door hatchback will share engines and some chassis components with the Mercedes-Benz GLA and CLA, but if they will also be sharing an assembly line is still up in the air...

Andreas Renschler, head of production for Mercedes confirmed the uncertainty:

"This would be an option, if our compact cars business in North America performs well, it will be decided at the end of the year."
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as long as quality control is good I don't see it being too big of a problem.

It lowers costs. Hopefully that means we get better pricing.
Yeah as long as they still focus on keeping quality control consistent with everywhere else they manufacture cars i don't see an issue.
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