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Hey guys,
We decided to post up a thread introducing ourselves to this fantastic community! Depending upon your experience with vehicles outside of the Mercedes spectrum, you may have stumbled across our brand at some point. Allow me to provide a bit of background regarding our products and company.

Mishimoto is a brand that started out in a fairly specific market producing essentially a single line of products. Performance aluminum radiators were the exact component and we developed several products for a variety of sport compact vehicles. As time progressed, we expanded to both new product lines as well as new vehicle markets. At this point, we are the leader in performance automotive cooling products and we sport a massive list of components that help our customers get the most from their vehicles from daily driven vehicles to track cars to hill climb turbocharged animals. In the past few years we’ve explored a couple markets outside of cooling components, including air intakes and exhaust components. All of our new market entries have been a huge success and we are working to build these new lines by expanding our vehicle coverage. Our product listings include the components below.

• Performance Aluminum Radiators
• Performance Intercoolers
• Intercooler Piping Kits
• Silicone Hose Kits (Both Coolant & CCV)
• Aluminum fan shrouds
• Silicone Couplers
• Clamps
• Universal Electric Fans
• Oil & Transmission Coolers (Including direct fit kits)
• Oil Catch Cans (Including direct fit kits)
• Thermostats
• Air Intake Kits
• Exhaust Components (Cat-back, downpipes, etc.)
• Various Accessories (Shift knobs, engine bay dress up, etc.)

We have a slew of awesome products that we’ve developed and perfected to bring the absolute best quality items we can to our customers doorsteps.

Along with new product lines, we’ve entered a couple new markets recently. This includes the interesting world of diesel trucks and our upcoming entry into products for classic American vehicles. These new markets are a complete blast, and we expect to be supporting these communities’ needs for quite some time.

Our most recent development targets have included the 2015 WRX, the 2015 EcoBoost Mustang (Neat vehicle) and the new 6.7L Powerstroke! Each new vehicle we bring into the shop starts a new adventure and challenge for our engineering crew to tackle.

What sets our brand apart?
A pretty legitimate question here. Fortunately this is easily answered. Our company is constructed from a group of dedicated petrol heads. We love the automotive world and we truly focus on bringing products to market that our customers want/need. Instead of being driven by profit and piles of money, we focus on feedback from our customers to gauge company success.
On top of this, we provide a huge amount of detail and information regarding the process for R&D on each of our new products. In doing so, you aren’t just buying a product that magically came to fruition in a laboratory. We allow our customers to follow along with the development and testing process so they can offer feedback on our design and request information that they need to make an informed purchasing decision. Each product endures a very strict testing process to ensure we are releasing the absolute best.

One example is our most recent intercooler developed. This unit is a top-mount intercooler for the newly redesigned 2015 WRX. Check out our typical development coverage!

Subaru WRX Top-Mount Intercooler 2015+ | Mishimoto Engineering Blog

Why is Mishimoto here?
Well, we’ve certainly flirted with the idea of developing Mercedes-Benz products in the past. With the introduction of the new CLA250 and CLA45 AMG, our interest has grown exponentially. We are reaching out to you guys, for some feedback.

1. How many of you intend to modify your vehicle for improved performance?
2. What vehicle do you have and what would you like to see us develop for your car?
3. What type of driving do you intend to perform with your Merc? Street Driving? Autocross? Perhaps a track day or two?

Looking forward to hearing from everyone! Have a great weekend.
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