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The AMG genes really come out on the track. The little sedan's limits are easily approachable, even with the stability control completely defeated. If you aren't that confident about your own skills, AMG supplies a Sport mode that allows the car to slide around a bit before it pulls things back in with the brakes. Steering feel is some of the best I've experienced in a front/all-wheel-drive car, assistance is beautifully tuned, and turn-in is quick and linear. On-center resistance feels sure and positive—there is resistance immediately off center, and then it builds in the first few degrees. As you turn in a bit more, the resistance falls off some and the car starts to feel like it really wants to turn. At neutral throttle or with slight trail braking, the car rotates into corners around the center of the car. Turning in with the too much brake gives a decent amount of understeer. At the apex, the car keeps rotating until you pick up the throttle. If you are right at the limit, all four wheels drift out to the curb or, in off-camber or downhill turns, a little drift brings a stupid grin to your face.
quote about the driving dynamics on the track.
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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