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Negotiate MSRP

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I am going to pre-order CLA 250 with the premium and multimedia packages (~35,000). I dont want to pay the full MSRP. What are the common discounts?
I am financing the car (Leasing is not an option at this time)
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i think it's going to be tough to negotiate with the CLA seeing how high of a demand there is for it
it's one of the few compacts that got so much hype in a long time.
I just bought one. You can't negotiate price, at least not at this initial phase. They told me they have a waiting list and can just sell it to the next person. I believe in time, the price will be negotiable as supply catches up and surpasses demand. So if you want one NOW, like I did, be prepared to pay MSRP.

I did get them to throw in a free Key chain though.. ;)
Fair enough, got to pay to play, right?
Although a free keychain isn't much, free is always good. Which key chain was it?

Also whats your out the door price?
1 - 2 of 67 Posts
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