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Negotiate MSRP

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I am going to pre-order CLA 250 with the premium and multimedia packages (~35,000). I dont want to pay the full MSRP. What are the common discounts?
I am financing the car (Leasing is not an option at this time)
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i'd also say 5K is a bit much but if anyone has gotten that kind of deal darn! shoot me the salesperson contact!
FYI My dealer gave me a copy of the MSRP and Invoice for a CLA allotted to them. The MSRP was listed as $39595 and the Invoice shows $37521. Not a huge difference to work with when making a deal.
thank you for the info.

knowing invoice does help with negotiating. Its good to know what sort of "margins" they imply to have.

I always try to bargain for stuff thrown in if the price seems to be very firm.
1 - 2 of 67 Posts
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