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Negotiate MSRP

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I am going to pre-order CLA 250 with the premium and multimedia packages (~35,000). I dont want to pay the full MSRP. What are the common discounts?
I am financing the car (Leasing is not an option at this time)
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My favorite part is the salesman keeps sending emails saying he's got one in that he knows I'll want...but I keep telling him I don't want the walnut trim. I guess others don't either cause they're the ones that seem to sit the longest. If I'm paying MSRP, I'm not buying anything I don't want. There's little 'play' in that either...I don't like how the bundles are for now and I hope they are tweaked a bit ASAP.
That's exactly it when buying new you don't want to get stuck with something youre not comfortable with. At the end of the day we spend most of our time staring at it from the inside.
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