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Negotiate MSRP

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I am going to pre-order CLA 250 with the premium and multimedia packages (~35,000). I dont want to pay the full MSRP. What are the common discounts?
I am financing the car (Leasing is not an option at this time)
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I just bought one. You can't negotiate price, at least not at this initial phase. They told me they have a waiting list and can just sell it to the next person. I believe in time, the price will be negotiable as supply catches up and surpasses demand. So if you want one NOW, like I did, be prepared to pay MSRP.

I did get them to throw in a free Key chain though.. ;)
A nice key chain?
Welcome dionisio944, congrats on your CLA! We'll need pics of it definitely. That's one of the better deals I've read and I'm glad to hear you stood your ground.

On the CLA250 the markup from dealer to owner is 9% on the vehicle (dealer cost to MSRP), and about 15% on each part. Gives you a sense of wiggle room. If there was no supply problem, you could negotiate the car down to just above 3% above cost, and components to about 8% above cost.


That's a Canadian CLA 250 invoice price for a local Toronto dealer that a buddy just sent me. You can see the markup from dealer invoice price to MSRP, and I added the other shots to my gallery so you can see the markup on accessories, but it's 9% on the CLA 250 itself, 15% on the parts.

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I will likely be ordering one in a few days with the sport package, bixenons, and panoramic roof = $35,355 MSRP.

I was able to get three dealerships down to $34,000 and one of them to go down further to $33,500 since I had a bad experience last time I was there...that's about $550 over invoice price.

I am thinking of adding Mountain Gray Paint and the illuminated door sills and hoping I can squeeze them further to add them for just another $1K or at least at just cost.
Nice choice @hnguy4, that's a decent negotiated price. I like the illuminated sills but not sure I'd personally spend the money on it.

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